Training your dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It can also be very challenging! One of the most important things you should teach your pup is potty training. Many pet owners turn to pee pads as an effective and convenient way to help their pup learn proper potty habits. But is it possible to train your dog to use a pee pad and still go outside? The answer is yes! Here’s how.

Create a Routine
The key to any successful potty training program is consistency. Create a schedule, such as taking your pup out first thing in the morning, right after meals, and right before bedtime. This will help create a routine for your pup so they know when it’s time to go outside or use the pee pad. It’s important that you follow this routine consistently and make sure that everyone in the house does too, so that your pup isn’t confused about when it’s time for them to go out or use the pee pad.

Positive Reinforcement
Once you have established a routine, it’s important to reward your pup for going in the correct place. Give them plenty of verbal praise, treats, toys or other rewards when they do something correctly. Make sure not to give negative reinforcement; punishing them won't make them more likely to do what you want—it may even discourage them from learning properly at all!

Take Them Outside Often
It’s important that you take your pup outside often so they get used to going outdoors when they need to relieve themselves instead of relying on their pee pads all the time. When taking them outside, pick up one of their favorite toys or their leash as these are cues that it's time for them to go out and do their business! After they finish using the bathroom outside, reward them with verbal praise and treats so they understand that using the outdoors is something positive and desirable behavior.

Patience and positive reinforcement are key when it comes to educating your puppy about proper toileting etiquette—and dog pee pads can play a pivotal role in the potty training process! By investing in high-quality, leak-proof pads and offering consistent praise or reward whenever your pup uses them correctly, you’ll be one big step closer to achieving your furry friend’s full toilet training potential. So why wait? Get started on your pet’s potty journey today with the best dog pee pads on the market!