It’s never fun to come home to a destroyed dog bed. We love our furry friends and want them to be comfortable, but we can all agree that destructive chewing isn’t something we want to come home to. If your pup is destroying its bed in the crate, don’t worry—there are ways you can get your pup to stop this destructive behavior. Let’s look at some tips for stopping your pup from chewing it’s bed in the crate.

Provide an Appropriate Toy or Chew Item
The most important thing you can do is provide your pup with an appropriate toy or chew item of their own. Give them something they can gnaw on and enjoy without destroying any furniture—something like a durable Kong toy or a rawhide bone should do the trick! This way, when they start feeling bored or restless inside the crate, they have something else to focus on instead of chewing up their bedding. Make sure that whatever toy or chew item you give them is safe for dogs and won't break apart into small pieces that could be swallowed.

Change Up Their Bedding Regularly
If you find that your pup tends to chew up their bedding even when there is a chew toy available, try changing up their bedding regularly. Dogs may become bored with old bedding after some time and feel the urge to destroy it out of boredom. Just make sure that whatever type of bedding you use is suitable for dogs; soft fabrics such as cotton are generally best as long as they aren't too thick or fluffy (which could lead to choking). Additionally, make sure that whatever type of fabric you use is easy to clean and washable so that if it does get dirty, you can easily replace it with fresh bedding.

Create A Positive Environment Around The Crate
When leaving your pup alone in the crate, create an environment around the crate which will encourage them not to chew on their bedding. Try playing music softly near the crate while your pup is inside; this will help keep them occupied and relaxed while also deterring them from boredom-induced chewing sessions. Additionally, consider providing treats when it's time for your pup to go back into their crate; this will create positive associations between being left alone in the crate and receiving treats afterwards! Lastly, make sure there are no items around the crate which could entice your pup into destructive chewing behavior such as wires or shoes—put these away out of reach before leaving them alone!

No one likes coming home to a destroyed dog bed! Fortunately, there are ways we can prevent our pups from engaging in this kind of destructive behavior while still giving them comfort and companionship. By providing an appropriate toy or chew item, changing up their bedding regularly, and creating a positive environment around the crate, we can help ensure our pups stay happy and healthy even when we're not around! With these tips in mind, you'll be able stop your dog from chewing its bed in no time! Ready to fetch the perfect solution for your pup? Check out our wide selection of dog crate beds today - your furry friend will thank you for it!