Key Takeaways:

  • Cats have distinct preferences for their sleeping arrangements, often influenced by their instinctual behavior and personal comfort.
  • Both round and square beds offer unique benefits, and the choice may depend on individual cat characteristics such as size, age, and sleeping habits.
  • Understanding the nuances of cat behavior and comfort can help cat owners choose the best bed for their feline friends.

Cats are enigmatic creatures with particular habits and preferences, especially when it comes to their sleeping arrangements. As a cat owner, you might have noticed your kitty curled up in a tight ball or stretched out in the sun. 

This observation leads to an intriguing question: do cats prefer round or square beds? This article delves into the cozy world of cat beds, exploring the shapes and features that appeal to our feline friends.

The Allure of the Round Bed: A Cat's Haven

When it comes to a round bed, most cats seem to have an inherent attraction to it. The shape of a round bed mimics the natural position cats take when they curl up into a ball. This position is not only comfortable but also provides a sense of security, as it protects the vital organs and conserves body heat. Round beds, like the popular cat cave bed, offer an enclosed space where cats can retreat and feel secure. For many cats, the ability to curl up and feel cozy is an irresistible draw of the round bed.

Moreover, round beds are often designed to be soft and plush, providing a sleeping surface that cats love. The walls of a round bed can also serve as a pillow for your kitty to rest their head on. For senior cats or those with mobility issues, a round, orthopedic bed can offer added support and comfort, helping to ease any discomfort they may have while they nap.

Square Beds: A Roomy Alternative for Feline Comfort

On the other hand, square beds provide a different kind of comfort. Cats that like to sleep stretched out may prefer the ample space that square beds offer. Large cats, in particular, may find square beds more accommodating, as they provide more room to sprawle without feeling confined. Square beds can also be an excellent choice for multiple cats who enjoy sleeping together, as they offer more surface area for everyone to rest comfortably.

Square beds often come with the added bonus of fitting more seamlessly into home decor. They can be easily placed on furniture or in corners, integrating well with the house's layout. For cats that enjoy perching on elevated surfaces, elevated cat beds that are square-shaped can provide the perfect lookout spot while still offering a comfortable place to rest.

The Role of Personal Preferences in Feline Bed Selection

Cats, much like humans, have their own personal preferences. While some cats may gravitate towards a round bed for its snugness, others might prefer the openness of a square bed. Observing your cat's behavior is key to understanding what they might like. For instance, if your cat enjoys small spaces like cardboard boxes, a round or hooded bed might be more appealing. Conversely, if your cat loves sprawling out on the sofa, a square bed could be the better option.

It's also worth considering that some cats may not have a strong preference for either shape and are more concerned with other factors such as the location of the bed, the material it's made from, or whether it's been marked with their scent. Providing options and noting where your cat chooses to sleep can guide you in selecting the perfect bed.

The Importance of Warmth: Heated Beds for Chilly Nights

Cats are drawn to warmth, and heated cat beds can be a game-changer, especially for outdoor cats or homes with cooler temperatures. Heated beds come in both round and square shapes, catering to the comfort of your cat while providing the added warmth they crave. A heated bed can help soothe the joints of older cats or simply offer a cozy retreat for any cat to enjoy.

Heated beds often use a heating pad or self-warming materials that reflect the cat's own body heat back to them. This feature is particularly appealing to cats as it helps them maintain a comfortable body temperature without being too hot. For cats that love basking in the sun, a heated bed can replicate that sensation even on cloudy or cold days.

The Benefits of Elevated Cat Beds: A Perch for Purring

Elevated cat beds are a fantastic option for feline friends who love to oversee their kingdom from a higher vantage point. Most cat owners find that their pets enjoy the sense of security and the panoramic view that an elevated bed provides. 

Not only does it keep them away from the cold floor, but it also reduces the risk of them being disturbed by foot traffic or other pets. An elevated bed can be a particularly good choice for a senior cat who may appreciate the ease of hopping onto a raised platform rather than having to jump up to higher furniture.

Moreover, the elevated design often incorporates sturdy frames with comfortable bedding material, ensuring that cats feel supported while they rest. The added airflow underneath can help regulate temperature, making it an excellent choice for warmer climates or seasons. For cats that are territorial or those that live in multi-pet households, an elevated cat bed can offer a personal retreat where they can relax and fall asleep without the worry of encroaching space from other cats.

The Influence of Material on Cat's Bed Choice

When it comes to the best cat bed, the material can be just as important as the shape. Cats are tactile creatures, and the texture of their bed can greatly influence their comfort and, consequently, their preference. Soft, plush fabrics often mimic the feel of a mother's fur, making them particularly appealing for a cat's bed.

These materials can provide a sense of security and warmth, which is why you might notice your cat kneads or "makes biscuits" on softer surfaces. It's a behavior that harks back to kittenhood, and a soft bed can be a trigger for this comforting action.

On the other hand, some cats prefer more structured materials that offer better support. Older cats or those with joint issues might find a firmer, orthopedic bed more to their liking. These beds are designed to cushion and support the cat's body, providing relief and comfort.

The best cat bed for an individual feline may depend on their health and mobility. Paying attention to how your cat sleeps and what surfaces they gravitate towards can guide you in selecting a bed that caters to their material preference.

The Psychological Comfort of Familiar Shapes in Cat's Bed Selection

When it comes to choosing the perfect cat's bed, the psychological aspect plays a significant role. Cats are creatures of habit and often gravitate towards shapes and spaces that feel familiar and secure.

A round bed may mimic the snug environment of a curled-up position, which is a natural shape cats take when they feel content and safe. This preference can be traced back to their wild ancestors who would curl up in dens or tucked-away spaces to protect themselves from predators and conserve body heat.

On the other hand, some cats may find the defined edges of a square bed more appealing, as it can offer a sense of structure and boundary. This can be particularly comforting for cats who enjoy leaning against something while they rest. 

The square shape may also resemble the corners and box-like spaces cats often seek out in their environment, such as drawers or cardboard boxes. Understanding these psychological comforts can help cat owners make more informed decisions when selecting a cat's bed that will be both used and loved.

Integrating Cat's Beds into Home Decor

For many cat owners, the aesthetic of a cat's bed is just as important as its comfort. After all, a cat's bed isn't just a sleeping place for your furry friend; it's also a piece of furniture that becomes part of your home.

Modern pet furniture designers have recognized this and are creating beds that are not only cozy for cats but also stylish and complementary to contemporary home decor. From minimalist designs that blend seamlessly with modern interiors to quirky and colorful options that make a statement, there's a cat's bed to suit every taste and home style.

Moreover, the trend of integrating pet furniture into home decor has led to innovative designs that serve dual purposes. For example, some cat's beds are built into shelving units or side tables, providing a hidden sleeping area for your cat while maintaining the functionality of the furniture for human use.

This clever integration ensures that your cat's bed enhances the aesthetic of your living space rather than clashing with it. As a result, both the cat and the owner can enjoy a harmonious and stylish environment.

The Trend of Customizable Cat Beds

In the quest for the perfect resting spot, the concept of customizable cat beds is gaining traction. The idea is simple: provide a bed that can be adjusted to suit the individual preferences of each cat. For instance, some beds come with removable bolsters or cushions, allowing the owner to modify the bed's shape and firmness.

This flexibility can be particularly beneficial when introducing a new bed to your feline friend. A cat likes to feel in control of their environment, and a bed that can be adjusted might be more readily accepted.

Moreover, the option for customization extends to size as well. A bigger bed can be an excellent choice for households with multiple cats who enjoy snuggling together. It can also cater to larger breeds or simply offer more room for a single cat to stretch out. 

The best cat bed is one that not only provides comfort but also adapts to the changing needs of your cat over time. Whether your cat prefers a cozy nook or a sprawling lounge area, the ability to customize their bed can make all the difference in their satisfaction and use.

Covered Cat Beds: A Cozy Hideaway for Your Feline

Covered cat beds cater to the instinctual need of cats to find a secluded spot where they can retreat and feel safe. These beds are designed to provide a snug and secure environment, allowing cats to hide away and enjoy their own space.

The enclosed design mimics the sheltered spaces cats naturally seek out in the wild, making them one of the best cat beds for felines that prefer privacy when they sleep. For a new cat adjusting to its home, a covered bed can serve as a sanctuary, offering the comfort and security needed during the acclimation period.

The coziness of a covered cat bed is also ideal for cats that like to burrow or nest. The walls of the bed help retain the cat's body heat, creating a warm and inviting space. This is especially beneficial for cats that tend to get chilly easily or during colder months. 

Additionally, many covered cat beds come with the option to wash the lining, ensuring that the bed remains clean and hygienic for your pet. Whether it's a heated cat bed for extra warmth or a simple plush retreat, a covered bed can be a haven for your cat to unwind and enjoy some peaceful slumber.

The Cat Condo and Cat Tree: Multifunctional Solutions

For cat owners looking to provide their pets with more than just a bed, the cat condo and cat tree are multifunctional pieces of furniture that can satisfy a cat's need for a bed and much more. These structures often include multiple levels with various shapes of beds, including both round and square options. They also provide opportunities for climbing, scratching, and playing, which are all important aspects of a cat's daily routine.

A cat condo or cat tree with an integrated bed can be particularly appealing to cats that enjoy being off the ground. It offers them a safe space that is solely their own, away from the hustle and bustle of the household. For homes with more than one cat, these structures can provide each cat with their own bed, reducing competition and stress.

The Significance of Safety and Security in Cat Beds

Safety and security are paramount in a cat's life, and the type of bed you choose can contribute to their sense of well-being. Enclosed beds, such as hooded beds or cat caves, can offer a retreat where cats can hide and feel protected. This is especially important for shy or nervous cats who may need an extra sense of security in their environment.

For cats that are more social and confident, an open bed may suffice as they may not require the same level of seclusion. However, even the most outgoing cats appreciate having a space that is their own, where they can retreat to when they need a break from social interaction.

The Impact of Age and Health on Bed Preference

As cats age, their preferences and needs can change. Elderly cats or those with health issues may benefit from an orthopedic bed that provides extra support for their joints. These beds are often round to accommodate the curled-up sleeping position that many cats favor, but they can also be square with bolstered edges for added comfort.

For kittens or cats with high energy levels, a bed that is part of a larger play structure, like a cat tree, might be more appropriate. These beds allow for rest in between bouts of play and can help keep active cats entertained. Considering the age and health of your cat when choosing a bed is crucial for their overall comfort and well-being.

The Convenience Factor: Maintenance and Cleaning

When selecting a bed for your cat, maintenance and cleaning should not be overlooked. Beds that are easily washed will make your life easier and ensure a clean resting place for your pet. Many cat beds come with removable covers or are made from materials that can be wiped down or thrown into the washing machine.

Whether you choose a round or square bed, look for one that is durable and can withstand frequent cleaning. This is particularly important for cats that shed a lot or for homes with multiple pets. A bed that stays clean and fresh is more likely to be used by your cat, and it will also help keep your home smelling nice.

The Verdict: Round or Square Beds?

Ultimately, the decision between a round or square bed for your cat comes down to understanding your cat's individual preferences and needs. Both shapes have their advantages and can provide a comfortable and secure place for your cat to rest. By observing your cat's behavior and considering factors such as their size, age, and health, you can make an informed choice that will keep your feline friend happy and comfortable.


In the quest to determine whether cats prefer round or square beds, we've explored the various factors that influence a cat's choice. From the snugness of round beds that cater to a cat's instinctual behavior to the spaciousness of square beds that accommodate different sleeping styles, both options have their merits. 

Personal preferences, warmth, safety, age, and health all play a role in finding the perfect bed for your kitty. By paying close attention to your cat's habits and comfort, you can select a bed that will become their favorite spot in the house.

FAQ Section

How can I tell if my cat prefers a round or square bed?

Observe your cat's sleeping habits. If they tend to curl up in a ball, they might prefer a round bed. If they like to stretch out, a square bed could be more to their liking. Offering them a choice and seeing which bed they use more often can also help determine their preference.

Are heated beds safe for cats?

Yes, most heated beds designed for pets are safe for cats. They typically use low wattage or self-warming materials to provide gentle warmth. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and check the bed regularly for any signs of wear or damage.

Should I get a different bed for my kitten than for my adult cat?

Kittens may enjoy beds that are part of play structures, like those found in cat trees, as they provide both a place to rest and play. Adult cats might prefer a more traditional bed where they can relax and escape from activity. Consider your cat's age and activity level when choosing a bed.

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