Are you looking for the perfect way to add some style to your home? Look no further than the Cat Rug! These beautiful rugs are made of soft, durable material that will last for years, and it features a unique cat design that is sure to make your home stand out.

The Cat Rug is perfect for any room in your home. It's perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, or even a hallway. You can use it to add a touch of style to your home or to simply make a statement. It's also great for pet owners, as it will help keep your floors clean and free of pet hair.

The Cat Rug is a great way to show off your love for cats and add a unique touch to your home. They're made of high-quality materials that are sure to last for years, and it's sure to make your home look stylish and inviting. So don't wait any longer, get your Cat Rug today and make your home stand out! With its unique design and soft material, this rug is sure to make your home look and feel amazing. Get ready to be the envy of all your friends and family!

Our Picks of the Best Cat Rugs

If you're looking for the perfect rug to add a touch of cozy comfort and style to your home, look no further than our selection of the best cat rugs. Our team has read thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best cat rugs for your needs.

You know that the right rug can make a huge difference in any room, but with so many different types and brands available, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you. We've done all the hard work so that you can easily find and purchase the perfect rug for your home.

No more guesswork. No more wasted money. Just the perfect cat-themed rug for your space! Check out our reviews of the best cat rugs today and give your home an extra purr-fect touch!

Ankah Shower, Tub, Bath Mat, Bathroom Rug

Best Cat Shaped Bath Rug

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Why It’s a Legit Pick

If you are looking for the perfect companion for your bathroom, then this Ankah Shower, Tub, Bath Mat, and Bathroom Rug is a perfect choice.

Not only is it incredibly soft and cushiony, but it's also amazingly absorbent and able to dry your feet instantly. Plus, its cute cat-shaped design will make you go aww every time you see it.

With its high-quality microfiber texture and durable TPR technology, you won't need to replace it for years to come.

Facts You Should Know

Not only does this Ankah Shower, Tub, Bath Mat, and Bathroom Rug look and feel great, but it's also incredibly easy to maintain.

Just pop it in the washing machine and let it do all the work. And when you place it down, you can have peace of mind knowing that its non-slip technology will keep you safe from slipping and falling.

Upgrade your bathroom with the luxurious Ankah shower, tub, and bath mat! Enjoy a safe environment while pampering yourself in plush comfort. Get yours today for an indulgent home experience that's too good to wait on.

Ashler Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug

Best Shaggy Cat Paw Rug

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Why It’s a Legit Pick

If you're in the market for an unbelievably soft and comfy rug, Ashler's Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug is a perfect choice! Its high-quality faux fur will provide long-lasting comfort to match its oh-so-adorable cat paw design.

The rug is made up of three layers of materials for maximum comfort, with a soft and supportive sponge layer in between two layers of high-quality Mongolian faux fur. It also features a unique cat claw design that has obtained a design patent, making it the perfect decorative addition to any home.

Perfect for any small space, this rug measures 2.55 ft x 3ft - and is sure to add some style!

Facts You Should Know

Not only is this rug adorable, but it’s also easy to clean and maintain. Simply shake it to fluff up the faux fur when taking it out of the package, or vacuum and wipe with a damp cloth.

For more intensive cleaning, you can even put it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. This versatile rug can be used in any room of your home, from the bedroom to the living room or even the kids’ room. It’s an ideal solution for any room, providing a simple and fashionable way to decorate and add a touch of warmth and comfort.

Stop putting off coziness! Now's the time to get a luxurious Ashler Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug and enjoy its incredibly plush comfort. Don't wait any longer; snuggle up today!

SAFAVIEH Carousel Kids Collection

Best Cat Nursery Playroom Area Rug

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Why It’s a Legit Pick

SAFAVIEH is helping turn your child’s room into a fun, cozy haven with its Carousel Kids Collection. Whether you need to spruce up the nursery or create an imaginative playroom, this collection will be just right for any adventure!

Transitionally designed, these rugs can be integrated into any contemporary, modern, traditional, or bohemian style of décor. Refined power-loomed construction ensures an easy-care and virtually non-shedding rug that can withstand frequent wear and tear. This rug features a kid-approved design with bright and cheerful colors, making them sure to bring life and joy to any room.

Facts You Should Know

Safavieh's Carousel Kids Collection is crafted from enhanced premium polypropylene fibers providing both comfort and durability.

With a medium 0.5-inch pile height, these rugs give a sleek look and support underfoot. Pet-friendly and easy to clean, these rugs are perfect for any living room, bedroom, nursery, kids' room, or playroom. With over 100 years of experience, Safavieh is a trusted brand with unrivaled craftsmanship, style, and quality.

Take your room to the next level with a SAFAVIEH Carousel Kids Collection rug! Bring out its true personality, from bright and cheerful designs to subtle pastels. A custom-made carpet can give any space an instant upgrade - so don't wait for it!

Sunlit Set of 2 Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat

Best Kitchen Mat

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Why It’s a Legit Pick

Whether you're standing at the counter chopping vegetables or washing dishes, SUNLITE's Set of 2 Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mats will keep your feet comfortable and provide ergonomic support to make preparing meals easier. Get ready to say goodbye to aching backs and legs with these must-have kitchen mats!

They are made of 10MM PVC material that is phthalate-free and latex-free. The middle part of the carpets is filled with memory foam to make them soft and comfortable to stand on. They also have a non-slip backing that keeps them in place and prevents them from slipping on wet or watery surfaces.

Not only will you stay comfy, but your shoes are safe from the elements. They’re waterproof and oil-resistant to protect them against spills or mud puddles - plus they're a breeze to clean!

Facts You Should Know

Make standing in the kitchen more comfortable with these cushioned mats! Perfect for those who have to stand while working or cooking, they offer comfort and support so you can stay on your feet longer.

They are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, restaurants, hotel, banquets, and anywhere else.

They come in two sizes (17”x28” and 17”x47”) and feature a stylish and elegant geometric pattern that can perfectly match any kitchen decor.

Don't wait a minute longer - grab your SUNLITE Set of 2 Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mats now! Perfect for treating friends and family, these machine-washable floor mats will make any kitchen space more comfortable.

HelloTree Bath Mat Bathroom Rug

Best Cat Face Bath Rug

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Why It’s a Legit Pick

Upgrade your home with a HelloTree Bath Mat! Cozy, stylish, and sure to make you smile every time you walk in the bathroom. Perfectly designed for comfort and charm - this is one update that won't break the bank or take too much effort.

The plush microfibre construction with improved technology makes it a delight to walk on, while the high-density microfibre absorbs water quickly to protect your floors from dripping water. The non-slip backing provides added peace of mind when used with children or elders, while the easy care and machine washable design make it easy to keep clean.

This delightful rug comes with a charming cat pattern and it's expertly crafted for long-lasting wear. The sturdy basting and stitching ensure that you'll be able to enjoy this item for many years to come!

Facts You Should Know

Give your bathroom a makeover and add some personality with HelloTree's Bath Mat & Rug! Featuring modern designs, this beautiful collection is the perfect way to liven up any powder room.

The microfibre construction ensures that it is soft and comfortable, while the high-density microfibre absorbs water quickly to keep your floors clean. The non-slip backing provides added peace of mind when used with children or elders, and the easy care and machine-washable design make it a breeze to keep clean.

Spruce up your bathroom with a delightful cat pattern – the perfect way to stylishly express yourself while adding an extra touch of fun.

CHOOLD Cute Cat Butt Bedroom Area Rug

Best Bedroom Area Rug

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Why It’s a Legit Pick

Add a little bit of cheer to your interior décor with the Choold Cute Cat Butt Bedroom Area Rug! Adorned with cat butts in vivid colors, this area rug will bring delight to any room.

This nylon rug is designed with a cute cat butt pattern, making it perfect for adding a touch of style to your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom. It's made of durable nylon that won't rub off or absorb dirt and dust, and it has a non-slip design that makes it safe to use in any room.

If you're looking for the perfect present, consider getting something special for pet lovers or friends. It's sure to be a hit with both animal and human recipients alike!

Facts You Should Know

Bring home your kitty's cute and cuddly side with the CHOOLD Cat Butt Bedroom Area Rug! This adorable rug comes in two sizes, plus a variety of colors - so you'll surely find one that tailors to both your space and style.

It's also easy to clean and is made with non-toxic materials, making it safe and comfortable to use.

Bring some whimsical fun to your home with the CHOOLD Cute Cat Butt Bedroom Area Rug! This stylish rug is sure to be a conversation starter and make you smile each time you step into the room.

Naanle Animal Cat Non-Slip Area Rug

Best Fun Large Rug

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Why It’s a Legit Pick

Make your home feel like a true abode with the Naanle Animal Cat Non-Slip Area Rug! This stylish and practical piece will add an invaluable touch of both comfort and aesthetics to any living space - perfect for those rainy days spent indoors.

This large rug is made of polyester, sponge, and non-woven fabric, making it soft and comfortable. It's also wear-resistant, non-slip, and kid and pets friendly. Its 4' x 5' size makes it perfect for any room and the personalized design adds a unique touch to your home decor.

The combination of memory foam and plastic dots increases comfort while hemmed edges ensure a neat finish. Experience an ultra-thick yet soft sleeping experience like no other!

Facts You Should Know

The Naanle Animal Cat Non-Slip Area Rug is perfect for any holiday or themed party and also makes a great housewarming gift. It's also designed to provide comfort and a safe area for kids and protect your floors.

Transform your home with a Naanle Animal Cat Non-Slip Area Rug - perfect for any living space!

This rug is designed to last and offers unbeatable comfort in all kinds of settings. Get yours today and enjoy the superb quality that won't fade over time – no matter how many times you wash it!

Best Cat Rugs Buyers Guide

Cat rugs are a great way to bring warmth and comfort to any home. But with so many options available, it may be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Here's what to look out for when buying a cat rug.


The size of the rug is important since it needs to fit your space while also allowing enough room for kitties to roam around and explore! Take into consideration the amount of space needed for other furnishings like beds or shelves as well as how far the rug should be placed from obstacles such as door frames. Additionally, check if larger sizes can be pieced together to create a bigger area of coverage - this helps ensure that all cats feel comfortable!


Choose materials that provide not only comfort but also durability – wool or cotton blends are usually good options here. Additionally, check if the materials are hypoallergenic and resistant to shedding so they can last through generations!

Construction Quality

Look out for details such as stitching along the edges or details in patterns – this help showcases the true craftsmanship of a piece. Additionally, inspect the backing material - it should have high-grade adhesive components which will keep it flat on the ground and avoid any slipping or bunching up over time!

Extra Features

Some cat rugs may come with extra features such as plush elements or foam fillings which add additional dynamic comfort when used. Additionally, look out for sets that come with multiple pieces – these can provide a unified aesthetic across large spaces like living rooms or bedrooms!

By taking all these factors into account before purchasing a cat rug, you can find a piece that will bring joy and coziness into your home!

Best Cat Rugs FAQs

You want to buy a cat-themed rug but don't know which one to choose.

It can be hard to find the perfect cat-themed rug because there are so many different designs and materials available. How do you know which one will give you the best value for your money?

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about rugs so you can know more about these rugs and make sure you get the best one for your home. With all the options out there, you'll be able to find the perfect rug that will bring out the best of your cat-loving home.

What is the difference between a rug and an area rug?

A rug is typically a smaller floor covering that is used to cover a single area, such as a doorway or a specific area of a room. An area rug is a larger floor covering that is designed to cover a larger area and can be used to define a room or create a focal point. Area rugs are often used to define a seating area or to create a visual separation between two areas.

What kind of rug is best to put on carpet?

The best type of rug to put on the carpet is one with a low pile. Low-pile rugs are less likely to trap dirt and debris, making them easier to clean. They also don’t create as much friction against the carpet, so they’re less likely to cause damage or wear. Additionally, low-pile rugs are usually thinner, so they won’t add too much bulk to the room.

What is the difference between a cheap rug and an expensive rug?

The main difference between a cheap rug and an expensive rug is the quality of the materials used in their construction. Cheap rugs are often made from synthetic fibers that are not as durable and can easily break down over time. Expensive rugs are usually made from natural fibers such as wool or silk, which are much more durable and can last for decades. Additionally, expensive rugs tend to be more intricately designed and feature higher-quality craftsmanship than cheaper rugs.

What is a reasonable amount to spend on a rug?

A reasonable amount to spend on a rug can vary widely depending on the size and quality of the rug you are looking for. Generally speaking, most people spend between $200 and $2,000 on a rug, but you can find rugs for as little as $50 or as much as $20,000 or more. It is best to do some research and compare prices to find the best deal for the size and quality of the rug you are looking for.

What material are high-quality rugs made of?

High-quality rugs are typically made of natural materials such as wool, silk, cotton, jute, sisal, and seagrass. Wool is the most popular choice for high-quality rugs because it is durable, soft, and stain resistant. Silk is also a popular choice for its luxurious feel and sheen. Cotton is a more affordable option, but is not as durable as wool or silk. Jute, sisal, and seagrass are also popular materials for rugs, as they are strong and durable, but have a more rustic look.

What is the average lifespan of a rug?

The average life span of a rug depends on the type of rug, the amount of foot traffic it receives, and the care it is given. Generally speaking, a rug that is well-maintained and receives low to moderate foot traffic can last anywhere from 10 to 25 years. Higher quality rugs, such as handmade rugs, can last even longer.

What rug material lasts the longest?

Wool rugs are the longest-lasting rug material due to their natural resistance to wear and tear. Wool rugs are also naturally fire-resistant, making them a great choice for safety. Wool rugs are also known to be hypoallergenic and moisture-resistant, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Additionally, wool rugs are easy to clean and maintain, making them a great long-term investment.

What type of rug goes in a bathroom?

The best type of rug to use in a bathroom is a synthetic rug made from materials such as nylon, polyester, or acrylic. These materials are water-resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, synthetic rugs are often more affordable than natural fiber rugs such as wool or cotton.

Should you put rugs on bathroom floors?

Yes, it is recommended that you put rugs on bathroom floors. Rugs provide a layer of cushioning, which can help reduce slips and falls. Additionally, rugs can help absorb moisture and keep your bathroom floors dry and clean. Choose a rug with a non-slip backing to ensure that it stays in place.

How often should you throw away bathroom rugs?

It is recommended to replace bathroom rugs every 3-6 months, depending on how often they are used. If the rug is used frequently, it is best to replace it more frequently, as it can collect dirt and bacteria over time. Additionally, if the rug is made of a material that is not machine-washable, it is best to replace it more often to prevent the buildup of dirt and bacteria.

Best Cat Rugs Summary

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious rug to spruce up your living room, or a cozy spot for your feline friend to curl up on these 7 best cat rugs have you covered? From classic shag rugs to more contemporary designs, there’s something to suit every style and budget.

So, go ahead and pick out the rug that’s perfect for you and your cat. With the perfect combination of comfort, quality, and style, price you can’t go wrong. After all, when it comes to making your home cozy and comfortable, nothing beats a good cat rug.

By reading this page there is a sign you are a cat lover! We hope that we have sold you on your next great purchase. Don't miss out, shop and save today and get your perfect rug delivered right to your address!

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